Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ooops! US Drone attack kills four at a bakery

Oops, so sorry. Here's $100 a child from the US government
Last week a US drone attack in Pakistan killed 10 "alleged militants"Today, a US drone attack in Pakistan killed four "suspected militants" according to the AP. The drone fired the missile at a bakery the four "Suspected militants" not "alleged militants" were at the bakery probably looking for cakes or bread or maybe a hot cross bun. 

I am not quite sure why "suspected militants" would be at a bakers, it seems to me that as opposed to "alleged militants" they might prefer heartier stuff, like lamb shanks.

I do not know the difference really between an "alleged militant" and a "suspected militant".  One of the reasons I am so confused about this is that we never know who is alleging or suspecting. It could be Donald Rumsfeld, now he's a man of integrity.  I have complete faith in the top brass of the US military who send our young people through their economic draft to faraway places to kill militants who hate freedom and our way of life look at the heroic rescue they orchestrated to free Jessica Lynch.

Oh wait, I just saw this.  There were another four "suspected" militants killed Wednesday before the 10 "alleged" militants were taken out. It's been a good week at the Pentagon for taking out militants, this makes 10 alleged and 8 suspected. They get $100 for every corpse, is that it?

As we've pointed out many times before, these illegal attacks by US capitalism on the people of another country, an ally at that, is one of the main reasons for the increased hatred of America throughout the former colonial and Muslim world especially. I just saw that movie The Dictator (see previous blog) and its message was that the lords of mayhem and murder around the world are tin pot Muslim dictators but surely, the US regime out of its Pentagon headquarters is ahead in that race by a mile.

I often wonder if the young kid directing the drones from a computer screen in Ames Iowa or California somewhere ever thinks about what he or she is doing. Probably not.  It's bad enough that there is not yet a revolt at home with these people killing in our name although that will come but at present there is no significant social force in US society making any noise about this and how it makes the rest of the world hate us to the point that we can't travel to half the countries on the globe.

Obama has turned out to be a more rapacious murderer than the imbecile Bush, assassinating individuals left right and center and the political party he heads, the "other" Wall Street party is as complicit in this global terrorism the Pentagon is waging on the people's of world and always will be.  As they wage war on the people's of the world they wage war at home as well.

The Taliban is the least of our problems.  Our most dangerous and ruthless enemies, killers par excellence, are right here in the US living high on the hog.

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