Tuesday, April 3, 2012

US: $10 million reward for Pakistani. How about Rumsfeld?

This blog cannot say one way or another whether this individual, Hafiz Saeed, is responsible for the Mumbai bombing or not.  But the US offer of $10 million for his head as a top terrorist  has much deeper political roots as this commentator suggests.  But what  most US workers would be unaware of of course as we have the most censored mass media of all the advanced capitalist economies, is that the US government has no credibility not only among its own people (except when it comes to slaughtering foreigners) but certainly throughout the world, guilty as it is of torture, kidnapping and wreaking mayhem it on those who oppose its corporate foreign policy.  A $10 million bounty for Kissinger's head, or Cheney's, or Rumsfeld's would not go over too well over here.  Even if Saeed is guilty, he is a far less efficient terrorist killer than those guys.

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