Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Supreme Court. Unelected bourgeois agents. US undemocratic system.

The US capitalists have this great trick of trying to con us into believing we live in a democracy. And not only that a finely tuned one. It is full of all the checks and balances you see.

At present the so called supreme court is deciding whether or not to throw out the health care law. Not one of these stooges have been elected. They have all been appointed by the president of the day. The president of the day has not been elected by the population but by the electoral college which gives much more weight to the votes of rural areas than to urban (working class) areas. The president has to get bills through the Senate and house of representatives. The Senate has the same number of senators, 2, for the 30 million people who live in California as the less than one million who live in some of the smaller states. There is no one person one vote in the US. Elections are staggered. There is no one time when all the congress and the president are elected together. This means that a big mood for change cannot be reflected in the same election. This is a deliberate stalling measure. Then on top of this undemocratic stinking pile we are back to the supreme court. If laws are passed that the big capitalists do not like they can get them struck down.

This does not mean that no progressive laws can be passed. The 1930's the 1960's saw progressive laws being passed. But this was in spite of the system of so called checks and balances. This was because working class people occupied the plants, fought on the streets, in the 1960's took to the streets in the civil rights movement and women's movement. The big capitalists got frightened and made concessions. What we are living through now is these big capitalists through their rigged political system and their lying censored mass media trying to take back all they were forced to conceded to these mass militant movements. The war against women is part of this.

But they are going too far. They are arousing women and workers with their attacks. A new progressive movement is being prepared. This will rock their old so called checks and balance system and open up a new period of struggle. We are already seeing this in the response to the war against women and the response to the killing of Trayvon Martin. The near future will see the rise of a new working class movement. in this will be challenged the rigged system bought and paid for by the extreme right capitalists, Wall Street, the Koch Brothers, the military industrial complex, and so on. And of course the supreme leaders n the supreme court will be shaken up too. They recently ruled to allow big money unrestricted ability to buy the US elections. Iran has its supreme leaders. The US has the supreme court. Neither are elected. They all must be turfed out. The checks and balances that are here in the US to keep the working class down must be overthrown. A genuinely democratic society is one in which the majority, that is the working class own and control democratically the economy and society.


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