Friday, March 16, 2012

Women - The war on.

The war on women rolls on. Fueled by the extreme right in the Republican Party women's rights to control their own bodies are under attack. Of course there are other aspects to it. Women are looked upon as a source of cheap labor. Their wages are lower than men's for equivalent work. This means billions more in profits for the bosses. So this boss class has no interest in standing up for women. They make their odd supportive sounding remark, but standing up for women, no way. This allows the extreme right in the Republican Party to get completely out of hand.

Women are also seen by capitalism as the main source of labor to reproduce the next generation of workers, the next workforce. Capitalism cannot continue without reproducing new workers and all children are still produced by women. And in spite of the gains made in some countries by women's' struggles and their increased power from their increased presence in the paid workplace most of the work of bring up children, raising the new workforce is still done by women.

Against this background we have the vicious war on women in the US. Some of the bills going through state legislatures, and some have even passed, are unbelievable. In one state a bill is being proposed to make doctors lie to women who are pregnant if this is thought to be the best way to keep a women from deciding to have an abortion. In another state a bill is going forward which would force any women who would get health care from her employer to prove to her employer that she was not using any health care she was getting for contraceptive means.

This is incredible. But we must be clear. The right will not win on these issue. They had to back off on de-funding Planned Parenthood. They are trying desperately to keep Limbaugh, the right wing Republican thug in his job after he attacked the young women as a "slut" and a "prostitute." Under pressure of the women's' backlash up to 100 financial contributors who were investing in his show have pulled their ads. We even see Republican legislators resigning and refusing to run for their seats again.

Marx said that sometimes the revolution needs the whip of the counter revolution. This is what is happening here. The extreme right are moving to take away all the rights won by women over the past half century. This is mobilizing women as never before. And with their enormously increased role in the paid workforce women in the US now have power like never before.

A new wave of revolt is dawning. Women's' rights will not be taken away. This is great.


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