Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Catholic Church castrates young men.

The Dutch Catholic church is now under investigation for castrating young men. One young man says he complained about being abused by members of the unelected male apparatus and was then put in a Catholic psychiatric hospital and along with others castrated. This is monstrous.

The Catholic church is the church of capitalism. It adapted from where it was the church of feudalism. It has helped capitalism install and prop up the military dictatorships in Latin America which slaughtered the left and activists, it helped capitalism make sure the movement against stalinism led to capitalism and did not take the democratic socialist road. When the sexual abuse scandal first broke some years ago the Wall Street Journal in its editorial rushed to the defense of the Catholic church explaining how important it was to its interests.

The Catholic church is also anti women. It thinks women are inferior as shown by its refusal to allow them to be popes, cardinals, bishops or priests. It is also undemocratic as its hundreds of millions of members are not allowed to elect their full time apparatus, the popes, priests etc and are not allowed to discuss and interchange views. Like the stalinist organizations they have to take the line.

On top of this the Catholic church has its celibacy for its full time apparatus. This is to ensure that its property is not passed down to the children of its full time workers which it could be if they were married and had children. This along with the undemocratic and dictatorial culture leads to the epidemic of child abuse. As Joyce said, a man without a woman is an incomplete man.

This recent horrific example of abuse in the Catholic church must be condemned by all. I cannot understand why anybody who believes in democratic and fair values can be in this organization. But for those who cannot bring themselves to leave they must at least organize to change it from within. To make it democratic, to end its anti women rules, to break it from being the church of capitalism. And in this instance to make sure that these young men in the Netherlands and world wide who have been abused get the opportunity to have their case heard and get compensated for what they have suffered.


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