Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Women lead in the struggle against the military in Egypt

Readers of this blog must surely remember that not so long ago in the early days of the Egyptian uprising when the masses were fighting against the US armed Mubarak regime, a regime that was supported by Obama and Hilary Clinton until it was no longer feasible to do so, the Egyptian people amassed in Tahir Square claimed the military were on their side.  How quickly things change when the masses turn to the streets.

It is the military that is now the enemy of the Egyptian revolution, the military that was armed and funded by the US taxpayers. But when the class struggle breaks out in to the open, great lessons that take decades to learn in periods of relative class peace are learned in a matter of weeks. The video above shows just how quickly the Egyptian masses have drawn conclusions about the role of the military in capitalist society. Another thing that stands out here is the role that women will and are playing in the revolutionary struggle to change society.

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