Thursday, February 9, 2012

Absurd little man calls Adele "too fat"

The artist and the narcissist
Capitalism stresses the individual and self gratification.  Of course we are individuals. Even in an oppressive society where we languish in jail, we are individuals.  Capitalism means individuals in the sense that we worship selfishness, we always "think of number one" at the expense of the collective and that we get ahead on the backs of others, the weak.  Capitalism doesn't push kindness and solidarity because it goes against this individualistic philosophy and leads to collective activity and resistance to it.  I was checking the e mail this morning and saw something about the singer Adele whose music and voice I like. 

The guy on the left in this picture is what the media refers to as an  "iconic" fashion designer.  He has has an opinion about Adele.  He says "She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice."  Is he wearing his own clothes? And what's with the gloves and dark glasses inside?  Now this guy is "iconic" according to the capitalist mass media.  He designs clothes that will strengthen the individual in people, make them stand out in the crowd, like he does.  He is a perfect front man for the 1%, their example of individualism and character.  The free dresser though, not the free thinker, the critical thinker, someone who has the individual strength of character to challenge the dominant ideology in society manufactured for the masses by the 1%, the type of thinking that might question how society is organized rather than how your dark glasses that you wear inside fit on your face.

The dictionary describes an icon as
  • An important and enduring symbol  or
  • One who is the object of great attention and devotion; an idol

    There you go again, back to the question of who controls the media and the spin.  You only have to look at the photo above and see who the self absorbed, narcissist might be. Yes, the ridiculous looking twerp on the left.
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