Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wisconsin and Michigan, Gingrich and Romney, US capitalism mired in crisis

Lets not let the Democrats coopt this. Build a party for working people
The Wall Street Journal reported that in the last two months there were 30,000 volunteers, working from 44 offices with 100 paid staff collecting the 1.3 million signatures to recall Governor Walker. This is a serious movement.  Socialists have to be careful not to think we can put conditions on such a movement or not participate in it unless it adopts our demands. In my opinion we unreservedly support and get involved in the recall movement and this will then allow us to take on the Democrats and get a hearing for building a workers party.  If we stand back and say we are only involved on our terms we will be standing very much alone. A defeat for the recall would throw back the movement overall and temporarily disappoint many workers. A victory on the other hand would raise the workers heads higher and encourage them to take on more fights.

Other movements are beginning to develop over further attacks on democratic rights. There is a move afoot on the part of the 1% to bring in what they are calling emergency management bureaucrats to take over cities and remove the city councils and mayors and implement in a dictatorial fashion major cuts, These people have the right to demolish all union contracts. This has been done in a number of Michigan cities. Lansing and Detroit are in the firing line. If these are taken over, half of the African American population of the state would be living under these dictatorships. These emergency management steps sound like where the troika are putting in so called technocrats to run Greece. The good thing is that yesterday there was a march of thousands to the Michigan state governors home, not the state capital, his home to protest. This is an escalation of the fight back.

We have argued that US capitalism is in a terrible crises on all fronts, economic, military and political. This is what we can see here. Politically the bourgeois do not have political parties which can successfully do their job for them. So they put in these emergency management dictators. This will further undermine the capitalists political system. Their political crisis is also seen in the chaos of the Republican nomination debates. They are tearing at each other like wild racist dogs. The robotic multi-millionaire Romney looks to be winning with the racists and sexists yapping at his heels. The Democrats are carrying out the same policies only with incremental differences.

US capitalism is moving more and more to put its own working class on rations. As it does so it faces the Occupy movement, the movements such as in Wisconsin, Ohio, Maine and Michigan, the movement on the docks in Longview on the west coast, the movement against foreclosures and the removal of its dictators abroad.  The class struggle with all its confusions and immaturity is intensifying. It is our challenge to defend this movement from reformism, opportunism and ultra

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