Wednesday, January 18, 2012

China. Urban population a majority. First time in history.

In a major development for the working class struggle internationally it has just now been announced that China for the first time in its history has a majority of its population in urban areas. While some of these no doubt are middle class people the overwhelming majority are working class working in huge factories in this new workshop of the world. Tens of millions of these are women workers. This will add a whole new dimension to the strength and diversity of the proletariat.

Hundreds of thousands of struggles and skirmishes with the Chinese elite have been going on between the working class and the peasantry on the one side and this elite on the other. These struggles are certain to continue. In the process the Chinese working class will rise to its feet in a decisive fashion, building its own independent unions and its own mass party or parties. US imperialism, and all the imperialist powers think they have troubles today. It is nothing to what they will have on their plates when the greatest working class in history rises to its feet.


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