Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goldman scam shows capitalists have two parties, the Democrats and the Republicans.

The organizers of this blog have always argued that the two major parties of US politics, the Democrats and the Republicans, are both parties of the capitalist class and as far as the working class are concerned there is nothing to choose between them. The Goldman Sachs crimes show this is true. Let us follow the money.

John Paulson who is at the center of the crime recently organized a fund raising event for the Republican National Committee. He then went on to organize another fund raising event for New York Democratic Party Senator Charles Schumer. A spokeperson for Paulson said that he "supports a variety of candidates in both political parties based on keeping the US the financial and economic capital of the world." Exactly. He supports the two capitalist parties it makes no difference to him which one.

Goldman's political action committee, that is its fund for bribing politicians, is second only to AT&T's in total political bribes at $31.6 million. Nearly two thirds of these bribes have gone to Democrats and around one third to Republicans. Obama collected nearly $1 million from Goldman Sachs employees for his campaign and the next biggest recipient was former Democratic Party senator Hillary Clinton.

The bosses and capitalists have two parties of their own. And the two parties that hold a monopoly over US politics at that. The working class must have its own party. We need a working peoples party based on the union rank and file and the community organizations.

I see that the Service Employees International Union secretary-treasurer Anna Burger has made a statement about this affair. I read it eagerly, maybe the penny had dropped. But no, sorry, it is the same garbage. Burger and her union leadership took tens of millions of dollars from their members dues and handed them over to Obama and the Democrats at the last election. All they have got for this is a kick in the face. Now when they have an opportunity to expose the role of both the capitalist parties and launch a working peoples party what do they do. Completely ignoring the role of the Democrats and how they take the bribes from the capitalists including Goldman Sachs, Burger attacks the Republicans for being the "Goldman owned Party." But Goldman gave more money to the Democrats than to the Republicans in the last election. These union leaders have forfeited their right to lead the unions. We need a working peoples party with leaders who come out of the rank and file and with policies aimed at ending capitalism and establishing a democratic socialist America and world.


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