Sunday, July 31, 2022

Top Union Leader Talks about Union Life And What it Teaches Us


Sisters, Brothers, comrades,

For us in the US, this is the present leader of the railworkers strikes in the UK. I do not want to be overoptimistic, but he and others like him are a breath of fresh air.  Where it will lead, no one can b sure, but I feel we are in a new era when it comes to the organized and the unorganzied working class in the advanced capitalist economies.

It is uplifting listening to Mike Lynch talk about the union and functioning in it. It can be "brutal" as he says. When rank and file union activists see other younger workers, male or female step to the plate, begin to challenge the "old guard", we welcome it if we are confident in our own activity and we recognize that the young bring new energy and ideas. The young have to recognize that their elders have learned a thing or two through experience. Together we are unstopable.

Richard Mellor

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