Sunday, July 1, 2018

Out of Control Cop Arrests His Own Daughter. Harasses the Community

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

Firing this cop isn't enough. Not only should he get jail time, he should be flagged and never allowed to own a weapon. Remember the Seinfeld episode when George took a book in to the toilet at a bookstore? He couldn't return it anywhere, it was flagged as having been in a toilet.  That's what should happen to this guy. Imagine, this young black guy driving could have been shot and we all know the cop would have gotten away with it. Talking to one of the youth's mother, he uses the usual catch all phrases they have used countless times murdering unarmed black people, "You are obstructing me"  "You are being disorderly" (for asking a question).

He should never be allowed to work in a position where he has power over people. Look at how he treats his daughter. Years ago I met a young black kid at a protest. He was from the mid-west somewhere and was about 17. He came and stayed at my house one night. He was really good at basketball so my son, about 11 or so was awed by his skills and took him round to the local school yard where all the kids played. That young guy told me about all sorts of humiliation he had to deal with being looked at all the time as a criminal. He said he had a white girlfriend back home and he was out driving with her. He was driving and a cop stopped him but never came to his side of the car like this cop did here. He went to the passenger side and began to ask the white girl what they were doing etc. Like this guy that was just to let the black youth know he wasn't worth much, wasn't important. It was just another humiliating experience from a white person in power, a representative of a racist state who, if you question with any emotion at all can shoot you dead.

My guess is this cop didn't like his daughter hanging around with blacks and Latinos. Just getting fired is not enough. He's not qualified to be a parent. We can see where racism in society is strengthened in the family. Credit goes to this young woman that she isn't like her old man.

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