Friday, July 27, 2018

Oklahoma Teachers Tell of a Not So Great America

The Russians aren't responsible for this. Mexican/Latino immigrants aren't the cause of this. This terrible situation in the richest most powerful economy in the world is home grown. It is a domestic crisis, a crisis of US capitalism.

The culprits are the unelected leaders who control the economy and the two political parties of capitalism, Democrats and Republicans, and the representatives in these parties who pass legislation; who decide where money goes and what it is spent on. Lockheed Martin, the Giant manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction is doing very well.

One of the great weaknesses workers have here in the US is that the leadership of the workers organizations, here we are talking about the trade unions, refuse to use the potential power of the organized working class to change this situation as they bow down and prostrate themselves at the feet of the bankers and capitalists that govern. The labor hierarchy are participants in the theft and plunder of US society by the clique that governs as they are forced to respond to global competition in ever more violent ways because they do nothing about it. They refuse to challenge it head on, the system cannot be made nice.

We are in a new era where the dominance of the two parties of capitalism that have governed US society for over a century or more is ending. A crucial missing component is an independent party of the working class through which ordinary working people can fight and build an alternative to this madness.  It is the struggle for reforms that teaches us that the system cannot be reformed, it has to be thrown out and a new democratic socialist system built in which production is based on social need and not profits. This is the reality.

As we watch this think of where our main enemy lies, a lot closer than you think.

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