Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Union Convention: Different Views Emerge

Full PDF Here

Facts For Working People has been informed that there will be delegates running against the present leadership at the UAW convention that opened yesterday June 11th.

The linked PDF is being distributed by a rank and file auto workers group Autoworker Caravan.

It would be very good if the delegates running against the present leadership and any opposition forces could work together around issues that will galvanize the membership after years of concessions and decline and change the direction of the UAW that is centered on concessions and cooperation.

The view that workers and bosses have the same interests and carried out as policy under the heading of the Team Concept is the present philosophy held by the present leadership of organized labor.

A change in this practice by a leadership of a union like the UAW would have a positive affect among the rank and file of the labor movement.

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