Thursday, June 14, 2018

Arizona Teacher Talks About Education and the Recent Strike.

These comments from an Arizona teacher are from the same forum that I attended on June 10th 2018 that was organized by the Oakland Education Association. On the same panel were teachers from Kentucky and West Virginia, fresh from the recent struggles in what are now known as the Red State struggles.

Click this link for some video of the Kentucky teachers Click this one for video of the West Virginia teacher's comments. They are both good and inspiring.

When you listen to this report from the Arizona teacher it becomes very clear that the problem in that state and what we do not have to fear or waste spending money protecting ourselves against, is murdering hordes of Mexican and Central American workers. The enemy is a domestic one, a rogue state with a violent history led by a violent clique intent on convincing its own people that are suffering under its rule that others are to blame for our predicament. Workers like ourselves who's goals are the same, feed their families, feel secure, live a decent life.

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