Monday, April 9, 2018

Ireland and Readers of Facts For Working People

"The Rich Will Always Betray The Poor" Henry Joy McCracken
Facts For Working People has recently had a dramatic increase in views. In a recent period, we have averaged averaged 30,000 to 40,000 a month. Part of this has been a significant increase in views from Ireland. In the last seven days there have been 702 views from Ireland. In the last four weeks there have been 1533 and since we started, our Blog is has been viewed 25,889 times from Ireland. A recent article we posted, Ireland's 1916 Uprising The sell out of women and the Catholic Church, has been viewed in total from Ireland and elsewhere 1817 times in just over a week. Due to this increased interest about Ireland both from Ireland and elsewhere, we are posting here a link to a chapter from the coming book by John Throne, one of the founders of this Blog. He is also the author of The Donegal Woman which was number two on the best sellers list in Northern Ireland when it first came out and which so far has sold up to 30,000 copies. It continues to sell.  More information and reviews are at  www:// 

Chapter 20 from the soon to be published book is titled - "Ireland and the theory of the permanent or interrupted revolution" and we link to it below. The author was born into a small farmer Protestant Orange order family in Donegal, broke from his class background and the ideology of his family, participated in the Bogside uprising in 1969 and went on to become an internationalist and revolutionary socialist. This chapter deals only with this particular topic. The book will be on sale in the next 6 to 8 weeks. We hope this chapter will be of interest.

We would also ask our readers while going to the link to this chapter, to also read our appeal for financial help on this Blog. A new era of struggle has opened in the USA. This will affect events internationally. We need the help of our readers to develop more resources so we can play our part in helping these new struggles in this new era. Ireland and the Theory of the Permanent (Or Interrupted) Revolution

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