Sunday, April 15, 2018

Boris Johnson and Syria, an English Upper Class Twit Speaks


by Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

Now how ridiculous is this. I just watched that idiot Boris Johnson commenting on the bombing of Syria.  Johnson is a upper middle class twit whose political education outside the home is grounded in the halls of Eton and Oxford. He represents the British bourgeois in Parliament as is the Conservative Party's Secretary of State.

He talked about how bombing Syria was the "right thing to do" because it would "deter the use of chemicals weapons not just by the Assad regime but around the world.."  This is a laugh as Britian is now a tenth rate nation and could not embark on such a venture without the protection of the United States. Showing how disconnected he is from the global community in which we live, he also said, with a straight face mind you, that "people around the world are looking now  and are saying, well finally someone stood up against that..." 

He then went on and made pretty much admitted that the attack won't have any affect on the conflict. It did have one affect of course, Raytheon, the manufacturers of the missiles sent to Syria  had its stock rise some $5 billion.

Is he mad?  Does he really think the vast majority of the people in the world are thinking this? No he isn't mad. He believes this. His entire existence, rooted in the comforts of a family of the British and Anglo Saxon ruling class governs his thinking don't forget. When he says "people" he is talking about  the people, and especially the powerful ones, who are members of his class. He doesn't see the millions, the billions, the ordinary people, industrial workers, factory workers in China or Sunderland, rural workers from the mines of Bolivia to the peasants of India. They are not a part of his world view. 

So he is right when he says people around the world. It's which people that is the issue. Any class conscious worker in the imperialist countries and almost any worker or peasant in the former colonial or underdeveloped world sees it otherwise. They certainly will not  be grateful to these three former colonial and imperialist powers for anything but assaulting a small nation state founded by British and French imperialism. They will see the Syrian people as pawns in the plunder game and condemn all of them, the western powers, Russia, the Israeli's and Iran.

I assure you, the vast majority of workers on this planet no matter what their language or national allegiance, do not rise in the morning to make their daily bread and hope that those horrible Syrians don't invade their country or bomb them. They don't fear Ireland that way either, the first colony of British capitalism.

No, most people in this world fear the United States, they consider the United States the greatest threat to world peace and igniting global war.

As for that pompous twit Boris Johnson think about this, his full name is Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. How many English workers can name a friend of theirs with a name like de Pfeffel? That's a class giveaway too. No, he's not "our people".

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