Tuesday, March 6, 2018

West Virginia: A Small Victory Presents New Dangers.

Apparently on reading further I see that the West Virginia governor says that, "additional budget cuts by his staff will fund the raises." The teachers have to most vocally oppose this, refuse to have their wages that are inadequate and have been savaged over years like most workers, paid for by other workers and the poor. 17.9 percent of West Virginians are already living below official poverty levels AP reports. 

Also, it is rumored that Oklahoma teachers are considering a statewide strike. New opportunities can arise here.

What this class struggle coming more out in to the open shows is that we cannot limit our demands to immediate needs and we cannot limit our struggle to just a union struggle or one simply over wages; the bosses' won't let us. I cannot stress enough that the striking teachers have to go on the offensive, at least verbally and in the media against any attempt to pay for the cuts by attacking social services or the poor otherwise we are simply paying for our own raises by cuts in other areas that affect us. It is important to build to prepare to combat this and that the bosses know it. They have to let the bosses know beforehand that they will fiercely resist an efforts to turn one section of the working class against another in this struggle by making any part of the working class pay. A successful movement against the capitalist offensive cannot be built if we allow the bosses to do this.

They must build links with other states and and the wider labor movement. West Virginia has some 80,000 affiliated to the AFL-CIO that is a potential resource and source of power and there's been serious environmental issues in these states not just over coal but hog and poultry farms (factories actually) not to mention the drug problem which is a result of poverty, helplessness and social alienation.

No taxes on workers or the middle class: Make the rich pay.
End all wars and occupations.
Increase public spending on social needs
Free education, health care, affordable housing
Take in to public ownership the health industry, the financial industry, energy, transportation etc.
Build an independent workers/labor party. No support for Democrats or Republicans

When the class struggles becomes more pronounced, comes out a bit more in to the open, the real nature of the bosses becomes clearer, their divisive strategy clear for all to see.  Their divisive tactics must be rejected.  In all cases workers' response musty clearly be to unite the working class. Even small victories are good, but they present new dangers and require new approaches and tactics.

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