Monday, June 26, 2017

Britain: Save the NHS.

Felicity Dowling

Changing the NHS to Accountable Care Organisations is re structuring the NHS on USA models and will facilitate restrictions on treatments, risk conditions of employment and put it up for auction in free trade deals. This is under way in Merseyside and Cheshire now as part of putting the STPs in action. The conservative manifesto said they would implement it if it was locally supported; so why is it being locally supported by the council? Why?

This from the Conservative manifesto; "It is NHS England that determines how best to organise and deliver care in England, set out in its own plan to create a modern NHS – the Five Year Forward View. ,... We will also back the implementation of the plan at a local level, through the Sustainability and Transformation Plans, providing they are clinically led and locally supported.
...............we will make non-legislative changes to remove barriers to the integration of care"

In Liverpool at key meetings with the NHS the introduction of this scheme was reported, and reported for action not discussion local councillors( who should know better) claimed the use of these terms is nothing to do with Conservative plans for the NHS.

We know local NHS trusts have been to visit Kaiser Permanente in the states.

We know USA health care is expensive, inefficient and for profit

The NHS is the biggest cash cow the big corporations can dream of.

Ideas please to get the reality of this through to those councilors making these decisions.

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