Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump: "Isis Targets Jewish Neighborhoods"

The glorious apex of human civilization
By Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

I never read 1984 but perhaps I should. I’m sure, for those that have read it; they feel they are now living it. We were living it before Trump of course, but Trump really drives home the crisis that US capitalism is in and the dangers that arise from it.

Trump’s chat with the controversial Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte was interesting, not unlike two pimps discussing the territory they control and how they deal with rivals. Reports claim Duterte has killed some 6000 drug dealers and users over the past 6 months and this impresses Trump. Trump congratulated Duerte on his killings but not to be outdone, the US Predator in Chief boasted about the incredible firepower the US has when the subject of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un came up.  "We have a lot of firepower over there. We have two submarines—the best in the world—we have two nuclear submarines—not that we want to use them at all," Trump told Duterte, according to the published transcript. "I've never seen anything like they are, but we don't have to use this, but he could be crazy, so we will see what happens."

The Philippines are somewhat important to Trump as his name is on the $150 million 57-floor tower in Manila, a licensing deal has brought him and his company millions of dollars.  But here we have a meeting of two diabolic minds. Kim Jong-Un would not be out of place here.

It would be difficult to write some farcical pantomime or play better than this, a sort of The Mouse That Roared except we have rats and they’re dangerous although I don’t want to insult rats. The best bet is not to compare Trump to any life form on our wonderful planet.

Trump says whatever he feels like saying at the moment. He boasted in Israel that he will resolve the Arab Israeli conflict. This is not only impossible within the framework of capitalism, so it is certainly beyond the powers of the imbecile Trump, “ I can tell you the Palestinians are ready to reach for peace” he told an audience at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.  The problem is that the Zionist regime in intent by its very nature in driving every Palestinian off their land. It is intent on being 100% successful in its ethnic cleansing program. The Zionists feel this way because their philosophy dictates it, this land is there’s given to them by god.  Like all religious doctrines of course, the Israeli ruling class doesn’t really believe it themselves, it is important that the masses do though.

Trump was accompanied in Israel by two powerful US Zionists, Jason Greenblatt and Jared Kushner. Greenblatt is a lawyer that represents Trump and is also an advisor on Israel. Kushner is the heir to the family real estate and media business. He is a married to Trump's daughter Ivanka and for most of his life a Democrat until the Trump campaign and presidency offered more opportunity. He's a sort of spoiled rich kid that Trump has thrust in to a position of power that affects the daily lives of millions of us; these guys remind us of the days of the Roman Empire. Kushner owns major real estate ventures including residential property and according to reports, is somewhat of a slumlord. On hearing that Kushner got an important position in the Trump administration Mary Ann Siwek, one of Kushner’s tenants for 30 years at one of his buildings in NYC was astounded, “It’s disgusting. It’s insane. It’s ludicrous,” she told the Village Voice, “I don’t know how to tell you how despicable this man is.”

Kushner also sued many of his tenants in Baltimore, "The President's son-in-law, sues his Baltimore tenants for thousands of dollars in bogus debts, on which he also gets judgments allowing him to garnish their wages and drain their bank accounts.”, writes one blogger.  More on Kushner the slumlord here.  Kushner  also finances some of the illegal settlements in Israel occupied by right wing religious fanatics operating as the front line in the Zionists' efforts to ethnic cleanse the area of Palestinians. 

Greenblatt has stated that “West Bank settlements are not an obstacle to peace" which is a vicious lie, they are a major obstacle to peace, but most Americans, certainly those that voted for Trump, wouldn’t know about that. So with these two as important advisors on the Israel Palestinian question it is safe to say that the Palestinians are f%#ked.

Trump, and by all accounts, US Middle East foreign policy, is now in a team effort with “Sunni Arab states to fight terrorism” the Financial Times reports today.  The nation that is responsible for world terrorism is Iran now. Yet trump meets with the world’s leading promoter of Islamic extremist groups, Saudi Arabia, a nation where atheism is classed as terrorism and women can be whipped for leaving the home without a male relative. And it is the Sunni Moslems and the particular Wahhabi Saudi brand of it that has a huge influence on extremism and Islamic terrorist groups.We're in Bizzarro world.

So Trump and the US is now condemning the Iranians despite the victory of the reformer, Hassan Rouhani, over the conservative hard liner in last week's election. Rouhani campaigned for better relations with the west and attacked the conservative old guard.  How far Rouhani can go though is debatable given his own role in the persecution and suppression of dissent in Iran under the Mullah's.

But Trump supposedly forming a bloc with Apartheid Israel and the savage Saudi’s and other Sunni Arab states is not a workable situation I would think. Madness indeed.  But perhaps the most bizarre statement from Trump I read today is his claim that, “Isis targets Jewish neighborhoods, synagogues and store fronts.”

Where did he get that from? Isis kills more Muslims than any other group. But Jews, hardly, and certainly not Israelis if that’s what he meant. Isis is an asset for the Zionists, just like Anti-Semitism, they thrive on it.

The world and the fate of humanity is in the hands of madmen, the products of a decaying social system. Marx pointed out that no social system leaves the stage of history without exhausting all the potential within it. But capitalism will not leave voluntarily, it will have to be driven in to extinction and it is the task of the working class internationally to do that. But there are no guarantees, the fundamental difference between capitalism and other social system is the existence of nuclear weapons. They don’t make all these weapons never to use them. As we have said many times, capitalism will destroy life as we know it if we do not stop it. There is no place to hide.

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