Wednesday, May 17, 2017

San Diego: Solidarity Action for Activist Mavis Thompson

Mavis Thompson
The police have arrested and are detaining a local pregnant activist Mavis Thompson. They are upset because she went viral filming the police harassing homeless people. She has a 150k bail for an obstruction of justice charge. The bail for that Charge in San Diego is 20k. Her bail is over 7-times that amount. We cannot let them do to her what they did to Sandra Bland!!!

Action Items

Please call the DA at 619-531-4040
1. Ask for the prosecutor Laura Baggett first. If she does not answer leave a message.

2. Ask for Bonnie Dumanis. Leave a message with her secretary

A low income community member Mavis Thompson is being held at Las Colinas for an obstructing justice charge, case number CD271552.

We are demanding that she is released with charges dropped or released on OR. She is not a flight or safety risk. She is pregnant and we don't know if she is alive. She is a vegan so her unborn child is suffering due to this negligence. She is a mother. Her case seems to be overzealous prosecution because she is a woman of color. Her bail was raised because the bail bondsman gave her the wrong court date. She arrived on that day with proof she was given the wrong court date and was arrested. We are demanding the charges are dropped and Mavis Thompson is allowed to take care of herself, her children and her unborn child.

You can write to her and show your support through the SD who's in jail website

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