Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Another movement in Russia against the Putin led Russian capitalist regime.

Women led march in Moscow for decent housing. 
Sean O'Torain.

In a recent article on this Blog we have reported on the movements that have been taking place in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union. These movements have been mainly against corruption and for more democratic rights and women's rights.

On Monday 14th of May a somewhat different type of demonstration took place in Moscow. This was against the proposed plan of the Moscow city government to demolish many of the large apartment block buildings in the city. The government promised to build new ones much further out from the city center and most crucially much further from the public transport metro system. The demonstrators made clear that they were on to the city's mayor and his multi millionaire backers.

They made it clear that they were opposed to being pushed into apartments way out on the outskirts and with no guarantee they would be any bigger than the ones in which they presently lived. They made it clear that they knew what was going on. The mayor and his cronies were going to build luxury apartments for the new elites nearer the city center and the metro system. This was what was going on. This demonstration was successful. The mayor dropped his plans. Putin came out in favor of the mayor's retreat. They were frightened by the working class composition of the march and demonstration. This was a victory for the working people in the apartments. What was also very significant was that this demonstration, according to an article in the New York Times, was organized mainly by women.

As we said in our previous article, a new movement has begun in the countries of the former Soviet Union and Russia. On democratic rights, on women rights, against corruption and now on the issue of having a roof over peoples heads. The new Russian capitalist class will be increasingly challenged in the years ahead and the movement that challenges them will be increasingly the working class and as these movements develop they will begin to seek a different way. Not a return to Stalinism. Not the present corrupt capitalism with its extreme inequality, but a third way.

With the correct leadership this will be democratic international socialism. This Blog has also been emphasizing the increasing role of women in the struggles internationally. This Moscow demonstration was part of this movement. We have pointed to the fact that 50% of factory workers in the world are now women. We have pointed to the women's marches in the US, the over 160 million people, mainly women, on a one day general strike in India. We have pointed to the movement of women also in India against the violence against women. We have also pointed to the movement of women in countries where so much of the world's clothing, footwear, and parts for computers are produced in sweat shops. A new movement is beginning to get to its feet.

PS. I suppose Trump will be sending messages of support to his buddy Putin, the representative of Russian imperialism.

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