Monday, April 3, 2017

Trump on North Korea. Trump lite on Gibraltar

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

Well, some major Tories in the British Conservative Party, are warning that Theresa May will go to war over Gibraltar. The negotiators in Brussels dealing with the Brexit vote, have taken the position that Spain will get to veto issues with regard to trade and I am not sure what else, between Gibraltar and Britain. After all, Spain is in the EU and the Brits want out. But the arrogance of British capitalism, longing for the good old days of Empire.  They want their cake and to eat it too in more ways than one. Leading the charge is some pompous Tory twit named Lord Howard. He is actually from a Romanian/ Jewish background but Howard, is quite a famous British name, much more acceptable than Hecht.

Meanwhile the Predator in Chief in the US, in an interview in the Financial Times, says that if "China doesn't solve North Korea, we will." Again, the "we" does not mean him or any of his cretinous kin. He doesn't consider the fate of the people of South Korea, North Korea, or the American workers if what comes out of his mouth comes to fruition. With the Predator, it's in brain out mouth, syndrome. This is common among spoiled children when they become adults as they have never had to work, never had to sacrifice anything and always got what they wanted. Money is freedom for these people.

It doesn't enter his head that the US military has not won a war since, er, oh yes, Grenada, and Panama. The Taliban, a group whose every leading member was on the payroll of the US government until 1999, have made gains in Afghanistan that the US media has blamed on-----you got it-----the Russians. The US military is bogged down in numerous expensive ventures on behalf of US capitalism. Iraq is a disaster, no more a country at the cost of over a million Iraqi lives and thousands of young American workers who should have had the opportunity to work or go to school in the US. A poor, unemployed mass of bodies is useful as the military, dangerous as it can be at times, becomes one of the few opportunities and a chance for stability.

Sean  O'Torain has written previous blog posts that workers, as parents and citizens, cannot continue to stand by and allow the present clique that governs society, and indeed the world, to continue to take us down this perilous path.  Trump is an idiot, but that doesn't mean he isn't dangerous. That he's an idiot, increases the chance his stupidity can lead to global catastrophe. It will be our children, our environment, our world that is laid waste.

In an op ed piece highly critical of Trump and showing deep concern, Peggy Noonan wrote in the WSJ a few days ago:
"Maybe the mad boy-king of North Korea will decide it’s a good day to see if his missiles can hit Los Angeles. Maybe a sleeper cell of terrorists will decide it’s a good day to show it’s woke.
Crisis reveals the character, the essential nature of a White House. Seventy days in, that is my worry."

Noonan is hoping her class will save the day, and it may well do so but Trump's comments to the Financial Times about North Korea will not reassure her that all is well. But they are in a bind, they are unsure what to do with this moron Trump. And even so, the economic and political crisis of US and global capitalism will continue down this very dangerous path to destruction and gain considerable traction when the next economic crisis hits, and it will, by the end of this year and most certainly before the end of the next. What then?

And talk  about arrogance. What on earth do we need to spend more money, or borrow more money for weapons. drones, aircraft etc? What country can invade the US? None, it would be suicide. When will US workers and the middle class recognize that this will not continue forever. That we have to act in our own interests as a class, become conscious of ourselves as a class. We have to drop all this nonsense that we are all middle class, that we are "all" Americans with the same interests, that the poor are poor  through their own fault, that if we work harder we can be secure, that we are in control of our own destiny. 

We must stop avoiding the conflict and hope that that it'll all work out in the end. It will not.

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