Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Struggle for the consciousness of the working class. Help wanted.

Marx and Engels. 

Sean O'Torain.

As a regular contributor to Facts For Working People's Blog and an author of this Blog I am very frustrated this morning Comrades. What is getting me frustrated today is the same thing that gets me frustrated every day: lack of resources. In this case I am thinking about all the people out there who have knowledge and experience in fighting capitalism and do not put that to use to combat the ideas of capitalism. If more of them did so and did it for our Blog then our struggle against capitalism, the overall struggle against capitalism for the consciousness of the working class would be immensely strengthened.  I am thinking about this in a particular area today. We are continually correctly explaining that we in Facts For Working People see ourselves in a way as a think tank, trying to, while holding on to and fighting for the basic principles of revolutionary socialism, also trying to grapple with the many new ideas and the many new situations that explode around us everyday. It is not easy. I appeal to more people who are against capitalism and for international revolutionary socialism and who are against left sectarianism and ultra leftism to help us out by writing for our Blog. But to continue.   

In today's NYT I read a couple of articles. One by one of their regular columnists David Brook called "This age of wonkery." It was about the dearth of big ideas in the world of the bourgeois and the bourgeois intellectuals. What is illustrated in this and the other article is what we are always arguing, that is that the bourgeois and bourgeois intellectuals because they do not have a historical materialist view they cannot place the many many new breakthroughs in technology science and the staggering fragmentation and crisis of world and US economics, the crises of  US and world military and climate change and bourgeois politics in any kind of context. And wait to the new recession hits. What is interesting in the David Brooks article is that he finds himself forced to mention Marx. Yes in spite of Stalinism pouring filth on his name, in spite of the collapse of Stalinism aiding capitalism to try and write him out of history the ideas of Marx live on and in fact are gaining increased attention.   

Then there is the other article in today's NYT. It is  titled: "Book pins corporate America's greed on a lust bred at Harvard." It is a review of a book not yet published called: The Golden Passport" by business journalist Duff McDonald.  He explains that graduates from Harvard Business School dominate the chief executive officer positions of American corporations. One quote from the book is: "The Harvard Business School became (and remains) so intoxicated with its own importance that it blithely assumed away one of the most important questions it could ask, which was whether the capitalist system it was uniquely positioned to help improve was designed properly for the long term."  HHHMMMMM  Just the slightest hint that he might be looking for a historical materialist view there.  McDonald goes on to answer his own question was the capitalist system "designed properly for the long term". He answered:  "It is not." He is trying to think of history when he mentions the long term. He is trying to think in term of systems when he mentions capitalism.  McDonald in spite of being part of capitalism does not think too much of it as shown when he goes on to say: "Harvard teaches its students that 'were all whores." 

Facts For Working People needs more help from those out there who are against capitalism and able to write and take up the arguments of capitalism and participate in our think tank and exchange ideas with the view to trying to figure out what is happening and the way in which the international working class should proceed. 

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