Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nazi's White Nationalists, Klan. Making America Great Again

Well it's official: This month, traditionally competing white supremacist groups are all about uniting. Boosted by Trump, the modern day Caligula, or the Predator in Chief as he is known, Nazi's, Klan, various racists, anticommunists, anti Semites, anti-union and other groups that fall under the general category as anti-social, feel their time has come. They want to make race war acceptable as they make America Great Again at the same time. It's a bit like a Mel Brooks movie without the humor

"Originally called the Aryan National Alliance, the Nationalist Front renamed itself and dropped its use of the swastika in an attempt to broaden its appeal." one report in the media quotes them as saying. "  and some Klan groups are now consolidating to build membership and power as well.

Oh, that's alright then. Glad they made that clear. "White Power groups are binding together"  the article says and they're fighting for "white power". But if it's simply skin color that is the issue, aren't white skinned people in power? The government, the economy, the military industrial complex are all in control of white skinned people--white capitalists.

"This is making history. We are putting together all the white organizations...there is no more time for division...." says Jeff Schoep, the commander of the National Socialist Movement.

I  don't think some of the most powerful "white" organizations will be in the umbrella group, not openly anyway as they got burned last time Nazi's took power. The National Association of Manufacturers, bankers groups, groups like Blackstone, the Business Round Table and hedge fund groups, venture capitalist groups, all basically run by "white skinned" people and a major part of the power structure in society, didn't appear to be present at these rallies.

One has to wonder what it is that causes these people to take the position that a poor person, a refugee, an immigrant is the cause of their meager existence, of the crisis that US capitalism finds itself in yet the billionaires are OK. Given that it is overwhelmingly "white people" that hold power, changing who holds power is an issue. But not replacing one color of capitalist for another, as Moses Mayekiso, the South African trade unionist once said, they didn't want to change the color of the eoprssor, they wanted to change the system that oppresses.

On the one hand these characters and their bizarre celebrations are somewhat like a Monty Python episode but the reality is that they are some nasty and very dangerous characters.  The lessons of history is that we don't allow Nazi's any breathing room.  In the event of working class people taking state power we might be able to rehabilitate some of them, but in the meantime we must take them seriously and crush their movement.

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