Sunday, April 16, 2017

Facts For Working People Statement in Solidarity with John Brown Gun Club.

Sean O'Torain.

I support the statement from the John Brown Gun Club. Thank you. My roots are in Ireland initially. There is practically no racial diversity there. For centuries people left to get jobs rather than immigrate to Ireland for jobs. There was a scarcity of jobs. Still the the ruling classes, the British and the Irish had to find a way to divide and rule. In every class society the ruling class are a minority.UThey can only rule the majority by dividing them. In Ireland the majority working class were and are divided along religious, Protestant and Catholic, lines and along gender and sexual orientation lines. The call for and open stand of resistance by the John Brown Gun Club combined with an appeal to the white working class base of Trump is the way to go. 

In relation to violence or non violence, this is not a principle but a tactic. Yes the civil rights movement was a mass non violent movement but there was also the mass fighting on the streets, there was the armed Black Panthers and let us not forget there was also the armed Negroes with Guns movement.

These indicated to the ruling class that if they did not make concessions and combine these with developing a larger African American middle class as a buffer then things would explode threatening their whole system. 

I particularly appreciate the John Brown Gun Club's appeal to the white working class. Its appeal, its explanation of the need to fight Trump and US capitalism is an appeal to all US workers. The struggle against capitalism racism sexism oppression is the struggle for the consciousness of the working class. So far the capitalist class are winning this given their control of the mass media, the education system, the churches, the economy, but wait to the new recession strikes, things will begin to look a bit different to the working class. Trump will begin to look a lot different to the working class when the economy crashes. 

There are times when the revolution needs the whip of the counter revolution. This whip is being laid across the backs of the working class by way of economic attacks, the capitalist offensive on all fronts part of which is the Trump agenda. This whip of the counter revolution will create a huge movement of opposition. The women's marches were just the beginning. I do not welcome the attacks that will and are being made on the working class that will make their lives worse but which will increase their consciousness. However unfortunately this is the way that things will happen and the reason for this is the role of the trade union leaders. 

The trade union leaders control organizations with 14 million members but they are committed to capitalism. They believe that the working class cannot build a new society. They are terrified of losing their big salaries and secure jobs. As a result the trade union leaders consciously and deliberately prevent their members from fighting. It is this pro capitalist role of the pro capitalist leaders of the unions that is the main obstacle to a new glorious mass united movement of the US working class. It is also the reason why the US working class will suffer more before it rises to its feet. We can shorten this period of suffering in a number of ways. One is by building fighting anti capitalist united front squads in the rank and file of the unions, in the workplaces, in the working class communities, in the schools and colleges and linking these together into a mass national movement and reach out internationally. Such a movement to remove the present trade union leadership and build a new trade union movement.

Part of shortening this period of suffering of the working class is by joining together with all those who support organizing and building a  non-sectarian mass workers' opposition to overthrow capitalism.

Here is the statement from the Phoenix John Brown Club that reference above. It's on their FB page.

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BenL8 said...

I think I disagree with the violence is needed part of this essay, maybe you didn't say that and I read incorrectly. Resistance will be effective if it's reasoned. There is a movement starting called Runaway Inequality, there is Indivisible, there is Pre-emptive Love. And there are many others. Only this last weekend a clash happened in Berkeley and was reported on KPFA's Letters and Politics show today. Alt-Right proponents went to Berkeley to protest for Free Speech, or hate speech, and were met with violent resistance, and maybe this is the road we are headed down. I write a blog, Richard, Greetings from the winterland of the Sierra Nevada foothills. Still at Dean's or is it Zocalo?