Sunday, April 23, 2017

An Appeal to the Green Party US


Jinny said...

That eco-socialist plank is the one thing that made me turn to the Greens since I had my socialist awakening last year. I would have attempted to start up some sort of Socialist Alternative or Socialist Equality Party chapter in my local, extremely right-wing area if not for that one plank. I think it's the most important platform amendment they've ever passed and it is very important that we fight for it.

I really hope guys like you, Howie Hawkins, and Bruce Dixon continue to stick around and lobby hard for establishing a dues structure. Funding is a huge problem with the Greens and dues would have the added side effect of pushing them into a more democratic decision-making system.

What is your opinion of "pay-it-forward"-type dues where individuals who cannot afford to pay instead pledge a certain amount of their time or commit to completing some sort of organizing project?

Sean said...

Jinny I appreciate your comment. Those of us around this Blog who are in the Green party are working to build a non sectarian voice within the party to push for the eco socialist plank. Also to make the party a dues paying party. And also a workers party. In relation to your point of a "pay-it-forward dues I am sorry I do not know what this means. I think that in the interest of making the Party democratic it is important that everybody pay something. On this basis then only people who pay dues can vote. We would have to of course take into account the different financial situation of people. Maybe either a minimum dues which would be very small for example $5.00 or $10.00 a month or a dues paying method based on a percentage of a persons income. Perhaps a minimum of 2% or 3% % month. Jinny those of us around Facts For Working People who run this Blog also have weekly conference calls every Saturday at noon central time. We discuss events world wide and also events in the US and also developments in the Green Party. You would be very welcome to attend. If you wish please let us know. Comradely, sean.