Sunday, March 5, 2017

Phrases. Words. Events.

Sean O'Torain.

Womens Marches in USA. 
I am struck by how certain phrases or words take hold at given times. Have you noticed how much  the mouthpieces of the two main capitalist parties the Republicans and the Democrats now use the phrase "Going Forward." Why is this? I venture this explanation. Neither of them want to discuss the past.  None of them want to look at what they would have to look at if they "looked back." The Democrats do not want to discuss their refusal to stand up for working people in the last election. They do not want to discuss how they lost to the moronic predator in chief Trump. So it is all "Going Forward" you see. The Republicans on the other hand, they do not want to discuss the past either, they do not want to have to look at what they would see if they "looked back" either. How the overwhelming majority of their leadership after having vilified Trump now have gone  on to capitulate to the moronic predator in chief Trump. And so like the Democrats it must all be about "Going Forward."

Then there are other words that take root at times. I am struck by how many times sitting in a coffee shop or just walking or on the train I hear peoples' conversations and they are continually interspersed with the word "like." How many times people, especially young people do not speak directly. It is I was "like" this or I was "like" that, or they were "like" this or they were "like" that.  I do not know what is the explanation for this. Here is my guess. This comes out of a period when, especially the younger folks did not know what was happening in their world and in their lives. As a result they were not able to speak precisely, not confident to speak directly. So instead they were "like" this and they were "like" that. My guess is that the "like" business will decline in speech now that the women's marches have launched the Resistance Movement against Trump. More people especially women will see they have to take action, will take action and will not have to be "like" any more. Will "do" now, will be "precise" now, will be  "direct" now.

From their struggle, from their action will come a new and more precise and direct speech.

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