Thursday, February 23, 2017

Off Duty LAPD Cop Pulls Gun on Teens: They call them Peace Officers.

Richard Mellor

If you read the story so far, the worst it appears that could have happened is that a kid walked on his lawn. This is a representative of the state. These are a bunch of kids, young people that live in the neighborhood. Imagine what this guy does to young males or females for that matter when he's on duty behind the closed gas station or 7/11 perhaps out of sight.

I was a participant in a similar situation in my old neighborhood when a crowd gathered round after two white cops picked up two black youth in the car, kids I knew that "fitted the description". I tried to intervene to get the cop who had one of the kid's mother in a choke hold over the hood of his car. to let her go and talk to us.  He wouldn't listen and his partner backed him up.

A larger crowd gathered and it could easily have developed in to something worse. At then end of it the young white cop called me over to talk, I refused his attempt to separate me from my community which was mostly black folks. I told him he talks to all of us if he wants to talk, but they took off.

This guy here lives in this neighborhood, what sort of person can't build a relationship with the people in his neighborhood? A cop that 's who, because they are not actually part of a community in the normal way, they police a community as representatives of the state, a racist and coercive capitalist state. That's why they can't live in the communities they police on behalf of the landlords and capitalists. As an aside, those 15,000 border agents Trump wants to hire, we'll be seeing them used at protests and on picket lines when we go on strike in the period ahead. After all, a strike is terrorism to them.

Here's some more footage of a protest that follows and the boy's mother speaking.

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