Friday, February 24, 2017

British Workers Must Defend and Strengthen the NHS

From Felicity Dowling in Liverpool UK

The link between the struggle to build, to keep and to improve the National Health Service (NHS) and the need to defeat the Conservatives is simply not clear in the minds of enough of our people.

Some people still see the NHS as being a normal part of the structure of life, like sewers and drains and power.They valur the NHS but they do not see it as being linked to party politics.

"No-one could be that nasty" as one man said in a defend NHS meeting.

The conservatives always SAY they support the NHS.Cuts are always framed in language of improvement, the reality is not reflected in the media.

Someone other than money grabbing, vandalising privateers is always blamed for problems. Blame the old, the fat, the migrant..not the privateers.

Labour involvement in pro privatisation issues in the NHS still lingers in their approach to the issue.
If the NHS is to be saved the issues need to be made crystal clear.

Each and every person who comes to understand how the NHS was built and how it could be saved is really important.Winning that one person over is like investing in the NHS.  We have an NHS because the previous generations campaigned and struggled for it. We will keep it only if there is an almighty campaign for it, a campaign like no other.

A campaign that links it to the Women’s Rights sentiments, to anti Trump sentiments, to human rights issues, to opposition to homelessness, to opposition to sanctions.

We need campaigns in every community and in every housing estate in this land.

Such a campaign,if we can build it, will destroy the Tory vote and will ring around the world.

The big demo on March 4th will help. Let's make it an enormous demo, and each person on that demo be empowered and enthused to take the campaign home to build and build the campaign. The utter destruction and looting being done by Tory (and right Labour) privatisers needs to be exposed, ruthlessly.

The right to health care must become clear in peoples minds. We have a right to the best available treatment, in a publically owned, publically provided health service, provided for public good, not for profit, funded by general taxation and staffed by well trained health workers working sane hours

Nothing less will do.

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