Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bernie Sanders: Please just go away

Sanders came down like a wolf on the fold
The young people loved him, he's honest they're told
He asked all the questions, why are there more poor
And the liberals went nuts, please Bernie say more

He traveled the country greedy bankers beware
You are good men too but be nice and share
I know it sounds bad, revolution and all
But there's much anger out there if it spreads we'll all fall

I'm not going to win  if I do it's Ok
Hillary or me you'll still have your say
Gosh darn look what happened that Trump took the cake
I'll work with him though if he'll put on the brake.

Please Donald think of the people you hurt
You go way to far making them more alert
to the system we live in truth that we lied
Please Donald help me or we'll all be damn fried

I am a good socialist as you can see
There's not that much difference between you and me
Just be a nice guy that's all that it takes
Please Donald please put on the brakes.

I know folks are angry, they heeded my call
But my revolution really was nothing at all
A few vague phrases to get her more votes
If rich folks make money they'll raise all the boats

I still go on about how its all bad
The more that I whine, the madder the mad
But now it's all over I'll be on my way
Independent again, had my fun for a day

But please Donald please, think of the poor
I know your a good man I'm pretty damn sure
Your dad was a slumlord, a Nazi, a thug
But I'm here now Donald, I'll give you a hug.

Can't we all just get along

Emma Peel with a special nod to Byron

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Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Fly Away Birdie Sanders before i chase you off