Thursday, February 9, 2017

After the Women's March: A Statement From Facts For Working People

Martin Luther King and the Poor People's  March for Jobs and Freedom. Washington DC 1963

Build a Resistance Alliance, a Resistance Movement, of Mass Direct Action Against Trump And His Agenda. 

Facts For Working People recognizes that there has been an historic shift in US society and political life. This is demonstrated by the millions of people who took to the streets in the Women's March on January 21st. 

It is demonstrated by the insistence of the marchers, and millions more who did not march, that this is just the beginning. It is demonstrated by the demand that an organized "Resistance Movement" must be built to oppose Trump and his agenda. Facts For Working People calls for and works for, the organizing of this Resistance Movement. For the first time in US history we have had millions on the streets. We also have thousands of groups and tens of thousands of people taking action against the various anti working people and anti environment policies of the corporations and to change their own lives for the better.

Nobody can say anymore that people are not willing to fight. There are millions.  The challenge is to help this new movement stand against the forces that would wish to capture and defeat it, and also against sectarian and ultra left forces whose methods would derail it. 

To this end we propose the following policy for the Resistance Movement:

# Continue to build the mass marches and demonstrations, the opposition rallies at the corporations and their offices and events of all corporate politicians, Republican and Democrat,  to oppose the Trump Agenda. 

# Build Resistance Councils in the communities, in the workplaces, in the rank and file of the trade unions, in the schools and colleges.

# As well as mobilizing against Trump and his government and against the corporations and their agenda, these Resistance Councils also to mobilize at the headquarters and offices of the trade unions and demand the leadership end their meetings with Trump and instead oppose him and his agenda and mobilize their members to do so also.  All trade union leaders who support Trump to be removed from their positions.  

# Link these Resistance Councils together into a mass national Resistance Movement to oppose Trump and his agenda with mass direct action. Part of this being to build for a one-day general strike and day of action.

# The Resistance Movement to be led by working people and not the corporate politicians  academics and celebrities.

# The Resistance Movement in the US to reach out its hand to working people internationally to build a world where all can have a decent life. 

# The Resistant Movement to study the history and lessons of US capitalism and how it has impacted and impacts peoples’ lives, and also the history of US working peoples' struggles. The 8-hour day movement in the 1880's, the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations, their strengths and weaknesses, the Socialist Party its strengths and weaknesses  when it was a semi mass party at the time of Eugene Debs, the African American and Women's and anti-war revolts of the 1950's 1960's and 1970's.  

To win we need to learn the lessons of the past. 

The Blog, Facts For Working People and those of us that maintain and support it are socialists. We oppose both capitalist parties, the Republicans and the Democrats.  However even though we are socialists we do not demand that the Resistance Movement, the Resistance Alliance we seek to help build should be explicitly socialist. It would be counter productive and premature and ultra left to do so at this time as thousands upon thousands of new people entering political life and struggle for the first time, eager to stop Trump and his agenda and join such a Movement such an an Alliance, would not necessarily see themselves as socialists and would feel shut out of the Resistance Movement, the Resistance Alliance,  

If you agree with us and are interested in working together to help build the Resistance Movement we ask that you join us. To do so please contact us at"

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