Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Union "leaders" bow to predator Trump. I support call by Richard and FFWP.

Cowardly, traitorous pro capitalist union leaders bow to degenerate predator Trump. Wonder what is written on the pieces of paper on the table. "How to sell out our members to the degenerate racist, sexist anti worker predator. 

by Sean O'Torain.

Yesterday in our Blog Richard and the Facts For Working People, (FFWP) called for the removal of the union leaders who had just met and socialized and supported the degenerate  anti women and anti working class Trump. Let us look at the actions of these so called leaders in its full betrayal and cowardice.

All the major institutions of capitalism, the Pentagon, NATO, the UN, the Vatican, 90% of the world's scientists all state that unless the rise in the world's climate is halted and reversed then life on earth as we know it will be destroyed in the decades ahead. I write "as we know it" because there will possibly be some insects left and some life at the bottom of the oceans. But life on earth and the human species will be wiped out. This is the reality. This climate change is being driven by the fossil fuel industry and their mad addiction to profit and flowing from this the changes in the planet's forestation and oceans. Climate change driven by capitalism is heading to end life on earth as we know it. But it is not only that. There is the threat of nuclear war. There are the so called natural disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, flooding, mass starvation. There is no end to it. Capitalism if it continues to exist will destroy life on earth as we know it and will do so in the decades that lie ahead.

The top representative and the most stupid and greedy and arrogant representative of capitalism on earth at present is the sexual predator Trump. He is moving immediately to take any restraints of the fossil fuel industry. To let the oil and gas capitalists do what they want. He and his cronies are leading life on earth over the edge of a cliff.

Then there is the other thing. Half the world's human species are women. 50% of the world's factory workers are women. And here is this sexual predator sitting in the White House and moving to take away the funding from programs which go to help women's health and reproductive rights. And it is this degenerate that the union leaders were sitting and socializing with in the White House yesterday!!!! 

What do they think their female members think of this? It can only put women off joining the unions. The truth is the union leaders are not much different in their attitude to women than the Trumps of this world. For all of them, women are to be seen and not heard, woman are to keep the machines in China and South East Asia working, women are to do the most of the work for less or no pay.  And talking about where the union leaders and where were they recently. Where were they on the women's marches?

These marches should have been festooned with huge union banners and great columns of union members marching for their rights and the rights of all women. But this was not the case. Why not? Because the union leaders did not want to antagonize the degenerate predator in the White House. Because they had in mind making their own deal with him and this involved selling out on the environment and developing clean air fuel systems and selling out on women's rights including not to be physically assaulted as is done and boasted about by Trump.

Imagine how the union movement could have been developed and strengthened if the unions had mobilized their 14 million members for the women marches and marched with their banners and heads held high and demanded an end to the abuse of women, an end to Trump's presidency, a minimum wage of $15,00 an hour or a $5,00 an hour increase whichever was the greater and equal pay for all for equal work and full and free reproductive and health rights and facilities for all. It would have changed the entire character of the marches to being women workers' marches, working class marches and strengthened these marches and made possible a real working class movement arising out of these marches..

Richard makes these points on his excellent video yesterday on our Blog where he deals with the so called US trade union leaders meeting with the sexual predator, the promoter of the oil and gas industry, the representative of Wall Street, the promoter of violence against the population of the US, and internationally. I entirely agree with what Richard says. These people who met with Trump are not leaders of the working class. They are betrayers of the working class. They went to the White House to be stroked by the degenerate Trump and to reassure him that he and his fossil fuel pals and his Wall Street pals and his right wing born again religious pals, had nothing to fear from them, that do not worry they are not going to bring up about his assaulting women.

They went to make their own deal with Trump and sell out their own members and the rest of the working class and women.  It is staggering, it is shocking, to see the photos of them sitting with Trump and laughing and hanging out. This is the guy who did not pay his workers, the guy whose father was in the KKK and who himself refuses to condemn the KKK. This is the guy who boasts of assaulting women. And there we had the union so called leaders laughing and sharing drinks with him. It was nauseating to see this. It is as with capitalism. Capitalism is much worse than you can imagine. So with the union leaders. They are much worse than you can imagine.

But it is not the correct response to only be nauseated. The correct response is to act. Set up anti Trump committees in your workplace, communities, schools and colleges. If you are in a union go to your union, and if you are not in a union join a union, if you can not immediately join a union, contact and discuss with a union member or members and work to remove these union so called leaders from their vastly overpaid positions in their air conditioned offices. They too are degenerates in their own ways, remove them from their positions. Let them go and find work on one of their buddies' Trumps sites and organize it. Some chance! As Richard says this present union leadership has to be removed. They are assisting capitalism and its most degenerate elements in dragging the world to destruction. If they are allowed to continue they will ensure that the children of today will have no future. Life on earth will be destroyed. 

The working class is the only force that can prevent capitalism destroying life on earth, that can preserve life on earth. But the problem is the union leadership, that is the people that occupy the leading positions in the trade unions, are committed to capitalism and so prevent the working class building a new society. If life on earth is destroyed by capitalism the fault for this will more than anything lie with the role of the union leaders, the obstacle they represent to the working class changing society.

There are many activists and left people in the US. What is our role? We have to fight for an alternative to capitalism. But that is not all. We have to fight for an alternative leadership to the pro capitalist leadership in the trade unions. This leadership believes in the so called Team Concept. That is working with the bosses. This must be ended. Left and union activists must build an alternative in their unions and work places and communities and schools and colleges to get rid of the pro capitalist leadership and replace them with a democratic socialist leadership which will fight with the most determined ruthless methods against the Trumps and the fossil fuel capitalists and Wall Street and all the capitalist class.

Things are entering a new phase in the US. Trump is the whip of the counter revolution. By his actions he will demonstrate to the US working class that they have no choice but to organize and to fight. An essential part of this is to get rid of their present pro capitalist and cowardly leadership and build a leadership that will fight with the most determined and ruthless methods against the capitalist class and their system.  Let us never again see the cowardly and sell out union leadership meet with the degenerate Trump in the White House or anywhere else. Let us also adjust our own thinking, our own psychology. US society has entered a new phase. The workplaces, the cities the streets, the schools and colleges, they will all be convulsed with the struggle for what kind of future this country will have. We are in a new era. Anybody who is thinking the same, acting the same today as they were a month ago is making a bad mistake.

If you agree with these ideas, if you would like to discuss them further, especially if you would like to join us in Facts For Working People and help us in our work please contact us. We see our work as fighting capitalism and doing so by fighting for the consciousness of the working class, fighting to convince the working class it can change the world. Please contact us and join us in our work. Help us write for and develop our Blog and join and participate in our weekly Think tanks where we discuss the struggles and events in the US and internationally. We need your help in developing our ideas and understanding. Sean O'Torain.

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