Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trump and Pence Bailout Carrier. Indianans Will Pay

Here is what Trump said about companies like Carrier and others that receive lots of money in taxpayer subsidies of one sort or another:

"I've been watching these politicians go through this for years," Trump said at a rally in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, on October 10. "I've been watching them give low-interest loans. I've been watching them give zero-interest loans. These companies don't even need the money, most of them; they take the money. There were a couple of instances where geniuses with great lawyers gave them money and then they moved anyway…I mean, the whole thing is crazy."

Read more at Mother Jones.  Trump is a stupid man in a way. He is nothing but a con man and he has conned a lot of people, even his neo Nazi and KKK supporters. He might regret betraying them too. But either way, the Trump euphoria evidenced in the stock markets , will not be repeated in the streets and communities.  He will savage the public sector for sure, not just services, but public sector workers and our unions that make up the bulk of organized labor. He will not bring back those blue collar industrial jobs that were the entrance to the middle class for many Americans. There is going to be a lot of anger directed at Trump.

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