Wednesday, November 9, 2016

US Presidential Elections. Women. A personal note.

Sean O'Torain.

Trump and Guiliani. Two degenerate cowardly male bullies. 

My dear companion wept when she saw the degenerate Trump had won the presidency. My companion wept for herself and her children because she said she wanted to see somebody who looked like herself and her daughters in the White House before she died. She considered that this would have been a blow to male chauvinism, to misogyny, to obstacles that were in her way and her daughters way because of their gender. This made me consider the balance of my own views and emotions. I am a man.

Both my companion and I are strongly opposed to the policies of US capitalism abroad and at home. We have no problem there. But what this election made me think more about was why was I not as emotionally upset as my companion about the degenerate Trump getting elected. I would not want anybody to get me wrong. I detest that person and what he stands with every breath in my body. But back to my companions reaction and mine. Both of us shared the feeling of a pall hanging over our home at the idea that he was likely to be the president and we would have to look at his face and hear his voice and listen to his ignorant bullying stupidities probably for another four years. It  was like waking up to a bad dream. But my companion wept and I did not.

As I thought about the degenerate winning the election the more I became very angry with those who had voted for Trump. I know there are all sorts of factors, the refusal of the trade union leaders to offer an alternative, the right wing policies of the Democrats, the refusal of the most left of the Democrats, Sanders, to break from that party, instead to betray his followers. I could go on. But I am having a problem here. I am close to the point to where I am considering cutting off all relations with where anybody who voted for Trump. I know I will not do this because of many reasons, people can  evolve and grow and change their opinions, I want to try to convince the best of the Trump voters to join the workers movement. But even with all this it is very hard not to get very angry with Trump voters. And if this is for me, and I am a man, how much harder it must be for a women.

For those of us like myself who would never support a candidate of the Republican or Democratic parties because they are capitalist parties it is easy to make this clear. But that is not the end of the story. The full story is that women have been the victims of extra oppression for centuries. There has never been a women president in the US. There has never been a woman pope. The present so called liberal pope has just announced again there never ever will be. I try to imagine what it would be like if there had never been a man as president of the USA, that there had only been women presidents. And then suddenly there was a chance to have one. Then that person had to beat her way through  the most hurtful personal betrayals from her own husband, through 30 years of the most misogynist attacks and insults of the last years, through the sneering and stalking and lying of the bullies Trump, and Giuliani and all the rest who fought to get to the front of the line to attack her.  This was vicious bullying against Clinton by backward cowardly male bullies. Did a single on of them, Trump, Giuliani, Christie, any of them ever serve in the US military forces? No. But they could attack and bully Clinton.  We need to be clear. These degenerates like Trump and his gang did not oppose Clinton because of her policies. Not for a moment. They opposed her because she was a woman. This is the reality.  Just like Trump and his gang did not oppose Obama because they said he was not a US citizen which after five years Trump had to admit he was. No Trump and his gang opposed Obama because he was African American. And they opposed Clinton because she was a woman. In their little shriveled cowardly make hearts they cannot bear the thought of it.

I did not vote for Clinton in this election because of her gender. I did not vote for her because of her policies. I supported a woman for president, Jill Stein of the Green Party, because of her policies. However one thing we must be clear on. A very large part of the opposition to Clinton was because she was a woman. The old despicable reactionaries, the not so old despicable reactionaries, these contemptible creatures had been defeated when Obama was elected two times. They were not going to let the white male slot go again.  

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