Friday, November 4, 2016

San Leandro: Mobile Home Millionaires exploiting the poor.

 The uncivilized practice of dealing in human shelter. Safe, secure and affordable housing is a human right.

Be sure to check out the links below for an interview with one of the investors that has purchased this Mobile Home Park and also a video from the Guardian about investors in these facilities and how they get rich doing it as well.

Here is the interview. This parasitic individual is described  as a Young entrepreneur building a Mobile Home community. Funny isn't it, someone destroying communities described as building them-------Orwellian.

Mobile Home University. How to get rich through dealing in human shelter.

Complaint filed against against  Cascade Corporate Management Inc. by a resident of one of their mobile home parks.

The complaint alleges: Negligence, Negligent Supervision and Premises Liability 

Rally: San Leandro City Hall steps:
Monday November 7th
6:00 pm

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