Monday, November 14, 2016

Natasha's Friends Show The Way. Build Mass Direct Action Coalitions To Dump Trump.

All over the country rallies against Trump.

Sean O'Torain.

Natasha, a young African American student was on her way to class at Baylor University. A racist youth shouting his support for Trump bumped her and told he that "N......." were not allowed on the sidewalk. Natasha was shocked. But not for long. In minutes the word got round. And in a few more minutes the response came too. 300 students rushed to the scene and escorted Natasha to her class. Thank you to Natasha and these young students. You are showing the way. What an example rather than the pathetic bootlicking of the Democrats as they push to get into line to say they will work with Trump. I am not mentioning the Republicans. They put him there. Trump must be dumped. We must build Mass Direct Action Coalitions To Dump Trump. This is the way to go. The rank and file in union locals, workers in all workplaces, all of us in working class communities, in schools and colleges, we much build these coalitions and take on Trump and the racist, sexist, degenerate and anti working class policies he is intent in trying to impose on us, the destruction of the environment he is intent on imposing on the planet.

It is not even worth mentioning but where are the trade union leaders, with their 14 million members while this has all been going on? They are criminal in their cowardice. They did not fight Trump. Now they like the Democrats say they want to work with him. Work with him! Work with this  degenerate! Rank and file squads must be built in the unions and workplaces to kick the present pro capitalist union leaders out and replace them with a fighting  anti capitalist, anti racist, anti sexist leadership and one that stands for defense of the environment. This is the way forward. And a word to left groupings, to the extent they have any influence in relation to these "Dump Trump Coalitions." These left groups without exception are to one extent or another sectarian. That is they put what they see as their own interests ahead of the movement. We have already had members of these at one of these coalitions collecting money for their own organization. This must stop. Otherwise this sectarianism will wreck these Dump Trump Coalitions." These left groups must also stop trying to make these coalitions socialist coalitions. This will make it impossible to unite all the anti Trump forces. There must be unity on one Demand: Mass Direct Action Coalitions To Dump Trump." This is the way to go forward. Sean.

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