Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trump: The right wing degenerate creature: The most important question is why is he still up there in the 40% range.

Two capitalist politicians and one capitalist preacher. 

Sean O'Torain.

The polls show that Clinton is likely to win the coming election. That the degenerate Trump has alienated so many sections of the population, African Americans, Hispanics, Women, Muslims, Immigrants, and in fact just about anybody with any self respect, that he will have a very hard time in winning. He has also alienated the decisive sections of the big capitalists who see him as a potential wrecking ball threatening their decades of relatively secure rule with amongst other things his suggestion that he might not accept the result of the election. And they fear the possibility that he might split the Republican Party and set up a new more extreme right wing party and end the relatively stable two capitalist party monopoly through which the ruling capitalist class has ruled for over a century. But we should all think of the following. Because this is the most important question. The most important question is not whether Clinton or Trump will win. The most important question is why is it that two major capitalist politicians, one of these a complete degenerate, the other a war criminal and mass murderer, are likely to receive the votes of the majority of the American people who are thinking of voting and one of these two will win. This is the most important question for working class people. We should all think about this.

In this post I would like to concentrate on why it is that Trump is still able to cling on to 40% plus in polls and why it is not totally excluded that he still might even win. He still hangs on in the polls just a few percentage points below Clinton. How can this be? This is a question that is being asked all round the world. The answer is not so complicated. The answer is this: the anger that exists in society and the lack of a progressive alternative through which this anger can express itself.

This lack of an alternative has to be laid first and foremost at the feet of the trade trade union leaders. There are 14 million members in the trade unions. There are tens of millions more who could be recruited into and mobilized by the trade unions. But this does not happen. And it does not happen because the trade union leaders are utterly cowed by capitalism and totally support capitalism. They cannot see any alternative. If they ever even think that the working class could build an alternative they run from this idea in terror. To them it would bring only chaos.  At the same time they live well off capitalism with their secure jobs, their high salaries and benefits. They do not want any change. So they cling to the capitalist Democratic Party giving it tens and tens of millions of dollars of the union members money for its campaigns and turning out millions of its staff and members to work for the capitalist Democratic Party and the war mongers and big capitalists who dominate this party. So when working class people come to vote their leaders offer them the capitalist Democratic Party, the Party of wars and foreign invasions and occupations, the party of profit before all else and the trade deals which take jobs to countries where workers are paid a pittance and killed if they try to organize unions. They are also offered the Democrats the party which just like the Republicans also has its snout in the corporate Washington trough. Taking the money of the so called lobbyists, that is the bribers for the corporations, the degenerates who buy the politicians to get them to work for the corporations. They see the mass media which is also dominated by the corporations back up this system. This is what workers see when they look at the Democratic party. With the exception of its more progressive position on women's rights the Democratic Party stacks up there with the Republicans.

So then comes Trump, the utterly obscene dirty backward degenerate.  He keeps the extreme right wing of the Republicans and US society on his side with his racism and sexism, with his ranting about "make America great again" which just about everybody knows means great again after the first African American president has "ruined" it, after the huge immigrant population has "ruined" it, just vote for me and I will take it back to the old days, the old days when men were men, and whites were white and everybody knew their place. If they did not they were lynched. And if the women did not let themselves be groped there was something wrong with them. That is what is behind all that filth of Trump. He is seeking to mobilize all that is backward and reactionary in US society and ride this to the White House.

But back to the question: Why is he having so much success in this? Why is he able to hang on to 40% plus of the vote while spouting this filth. Yes it is because the trade union leaders will not lead and build a workers party, a labor party, but it is also because he strikes a chord with some of his ranting. He says the elections are rigged. And of course they are rigged. Just not in the way he says. They are rigged in the sense that the capitalists of both parties control the mass media, rigged in the sense that the entire system from the unequal representation of voters in the Senate and electoral college, there is no one person one vote, it takes less that 1 million people to elect two Senators in some states and over 30 million in others. The whole system is rigged also in that areas are drawn to suit the needs of the locally dominant party. And the system is rigged also in that only capitalism is allowed to be discussed in the censored mass media. The mass of the population instinctively know that the system is rigged and when Trump rants on about this he therefore gets an echo.

Then there is Washington again. The two capitalist parties run it. They are the stooges of the corporations. They are bought and paid for. Trump is now saying he will end the lobbying, or at least curtail it. People know what is going on. This ranting of Trump gets an echo because there is a truth to it. The capitalist politicians are bought for by the capitalist class. Trump is now ranting that he will end or at least curtail the lobbyists. He gets an echo for this also. Trump now says he is for the people who are forgotten. Many people ignore that he is a billionaire and extreme exploiter, their thinking is that so are all the capitalists and capitalist politicians, at least Trump he is having a go at the crowd that have been in power for decades. This is how many people think and why he is still hanging on to his poll numbers.

It is the lack of an alternative that keeps Trump in the race. It is the fact that the Democrats are a vicious capitalist party just like the Republicans. It is the fact that the trade union leaders will not build a mass workers party. It is the fact that the left forces in the country have been so neutered by their sectarianism that they have been unable to offer an alternative. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have and do pursue vicious anti worker, anti women and racist policies. But times are changing, the anger is building amongst the mass of the working class in society,  the two capitalist party monopoly is beginning to break up and out of this will come new parties, one will be a workers party but there will probably also be a new right wing party. US politics is polarizing along class lines along the lines of women and minority rights. A new progressive force will rise. Whether this happens after a victory for Clinton in the elections when she will move to implement right wing capitalist policies, or will happen after a victory for Trump in the elections when he will move to implement his variation of extreme right policies, one way or another US society is moving into a new period. And one in which the US working class will rise to its feet.

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