Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Syria: The White Helmets. You cannot believe a word.

Sean O'Torain.
I want to thank a friend for making me think more about that outfit in Syria called the White Helmets.  I did a bit of looking into them. They have apparently got $100 million dollars from the US, British, German and Dutch, governments, a bad murderous outfit of a coalition if ever there was one.

They have also been getting money and resources from a few pro western Arab outfits. They are trained in Turkey and bring in their material from there. According to what I read much of this is weaponry. They are mainly based in areas held by anti Assad forces, that is the Western backed groups that are trying to bring down Assad.  There is now talk of them being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Always a bad sign. Eg. Obama. The drone man. 

Usually the Nobel Peace Prize is used to bring governments and people and movements to their knees once they are defeated or to bring them into line if they might cause trouble to the "International Community." An Orwellian phrase if ever there was one. Yes the "International Community." The same "International Community" which slaughtered each other in two world wars and one of which, the US, dropped  nuclear bombs on another, Japan.  

You gotta hand it to Imperialism, all brands of it, the US dominated outfit, the Russian dominated outfit, the rising Chinese outfit and the many smaller imperialisms, they all can find a way to get a friendly gentle sounding name.  Yes: The International Community indeed. I wonder when the Syrian children are blown to pieces  by a bomb in Syria does their family look up and say was that one from the international Community or one from the Russian dominated Community. What is going on in Syria is one of the greatest crimes of the century so far. Thanks to my friend for bringing my attention to this White Helmet outfit and their role. 

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