Monday, September 26, 2016

Workers can govern society. We have to if we want a future.

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

I think one thing that is the hardest for many working class people to grasp is that the economic system in which we live, capitalism, is the only way that production and human society can be organized. We are also taught, mainly through the absence of the real historical record, that we are born to be governed. That only a certain class of people, the wealthy, the formally educated, the sons and daughters of these people can govern society and that they will do so for all time.

But history is the exact opposite. The only thing constant is change as the saying goes.  So rather than write some of these thoughts I hope I make some sense of them in this short video above. I have to admit selfish motives for these ventures, they help me think about the world and are a bit of a catharsis, a way of releasing some of the anger that I feel about the human condition and the damage capitalism is doing to the planet.

I tried to sit through the whole first debate between these two rotten characters and just couldn't make it to the end. We have an intelligent conscious and absolutely ruthless bourgeois and a representative of their lunatic fringe. Neither of them have done a days work in their lives.  I'd rather read about it in the papers than look at them.

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