Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Donegal Woman. Now in eBook Form

Our readers know Sean O'Torain from this blog, but you may not know about his book The Donegal Woman. Written under the pen name John Throne, the book is based on the true story of the author’s own grandmother, Margaret. Born to the poorest of Protestant farmers in the hills of Donegal, Margaret was hired out as a child, raped by her master, and once pregnant, forced to marry another man many times her age. But Margaret survived in a silent world of her own, driven by a passionate determination to do right by her children.

Reviving the tradition of three of Ulster’s great radical writers, Peadar O’ Donnell, Patrick MacGill, and Sam Hannah Bell, Sean has captured the authentic voice of a woman of extraordinary spirit. He beautifully tells his grandmother’s tragic story, a story much like that of countless other Irishwomen of her time.

The book was published in Ireland to great acclaim, and it is at long last available in eBook form exclusively (meaning nowhere else, including Amazon) at

We’ve collected some of the kind words readers have shared about The Donegal Woman below. Please feel free to visit the book's Facebook page to read more.   

Here's a sample:

Marycruz Arango This book changed my life, it’s a powerful and so sad story. Thanks so much Sean for sharing your book with me. It was an amazing gift.

BrĂ­d Doherty Absolutely brilliant … could not put it down when I started reading it. I could not even lend my Donegal Woman to anyone I felt I understood it all brilliant the young people need to read this they would have a better understanding of how things were then. More please.

Terri Connor A brilliant read could not leave it down……….very sad as well.

Mary Doherty The best book I’ve read yet its a must for first time readers xx so real … You haven’t read a book until u have read this.

Charlie Boyle Read this ten years ago and have often mentioned it as a best ever. Brilliant book.

Mary McKinley Read this book and I couldn’t put it down such a harrowing read and the best book I  have ever read. Looking forward to your new book.

Maria Comiskey Read it years ago….. broke my heart… everyone should read it.

Sarah Gorman I read it years ago also, brilliant book.

Bridie Feeney Brilliant Book xx

Sarah Quinn That was the saddest book i ever read I think everyone should read it to see what life was like back then not easy that poor girl.

Bernie Patton Heartbreaking but such a gripping read.

Frances Moore A brilliant book I read it a few years ago couldn’t recommend it enough.

Jackie Donaghy I read this book a few years ago 2. Very good book and to think that happened to your relatives back in the 70’s and it was probably still going on behind closed doors for a good few years later. Looking forward to ure next book.

Sharon Gallagher Read it great book

Kathleen Coyle That was the saddest book I ever read — well-written.

Antoinette Gillespie Great book really enjoyed it.

Maeve Moss Omg what a read I cried it such as sad story even tried to figure out where about in Donegal it happened drove around as I live on hill and you have to walk down past church there is a lough not so far away to thought it might have been my area I have now read it 4 times still cry looking forward to your new book.

Maire Kelly Enjoyed the true read – hard times – would take tear from a stone.

Catherine Hagney-Doogan I read this book fantastic but brutal

Ronnie Mc Gonagle I have read this book, it is brilliant. It’s a weepie.

Paddy Roddy A fantastic heart rendering read and a reality that poverty and misfortune had no religious divide for the working class in the Donegal of the time and slavery and hardship of those children hired out so their families could survive the winter to heart.

Dado Gyure great book xo

Daoine Ni Frighil Great reviews John, one of my favourite books.

Mary Boyle A brilliant read but very sad and unfortunately true I actually read the book twice would make a great film.

Sonia Mackey I read the book could not leave it down till I finished real weepie loved it

Margaret Quigley Read this book a few years ago what a hard life that poor woman had great read

Rena Peacockcraig Read this book a few years ago. Very sad. But just made you stop and reflect on her life and the times that were in it. I live in Donegal.

Ann Lyons Brilliant book

Fidelma Carron I’ve read it too. Harrowing story but I couldn’t put it down. It was brilliant.

Sheila McClean I have read this book it was one of the scariest books I.v ever read. Sleep wouldn’t come to me that night.

Mary McLaughlin A great story sad but hard to put the book down

Noleen Doherty Read it it’s brilliant.

Margaret Bogan Brilliant book very sad

You've enjoyed Sean's writing here at We Know What's Up for years, and now you can enjoy the eBook edition of his first novel, The Donegal Woman.

Visit to order your copy today.

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