Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Test how much you are affected by capitalist propaganda by guessing the answers to these questions.

Sean O'Torain.

Check out these facts and then think what you would have thought them to have been.

The number of Americans Killed Annually by:

Islamic Jihadist Terrorists.   2

Far Right Wing Terrorists.   5

All Islamic Jihadist Terrorists including US citizens.  9

Armed Toddlers  21

Lightning  31

Lawn mowers  69

Hit by Bus  264

 Falling out of bed  737

Shot by other Americans  11,737

How did you do? Should we build a wall around toddlers? Ban lawn mowers? Beds? Maybe just, maybe just, there is something wrong with what we are told by the big business media and the way society is run. And maybe we have to catch ourselves on and not believe everything we are told.


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