Thursday, August 11, 2016

US Imperialism: Worst Crisis in Decades.

Sean O'Torain.

US Imperialism is in a military, economic, political and social crisis. The idiot Trump is one sign of this. I have been saying that I could not see Trump getting elected as President because the big bourgeois would not let him. I am still inclined to think this. However I have also been saying that there are times when the big bourgeois can lose control of the situation. I now do not rule this out. They will, I believe, stop Trump. But then there is Clinton. There is so much corruption and dirt around her and her clique.

I believe it is not ruled out that Clinton and her campaign could implode. In such a circumstance the bourgeois might yet have to look for somebody else. US imperialism is in its worst crisis in decades. And this is before the new economic downturn hits. And before the climate change gets even worse. US imperialism is hurtling US society towards the edge of a precipice. 

More and more people are seeing this. But the problem is that few people see what to do. The trade union leaders have 14 million members in their ranks. But they are totally committed to capitalism, the capitalist system and the Democrats. So they give no alternative. They are a disgrace. More than that, they are guilty of criminal negligence. They will not open their mouths while the US bourgeois call for crushing of Wikileaks and the assassination of Julian Assange who is courageously exposing the crimes of capitalism. 

But there is hope. The tens and tens of millions who are taking up the fight against climate change, destruction of the environment by the oil and gas industry, police brutality, racism, war, and on and on. Millions are taking up the fight to change the world. What is necessary is to unite working people and youth to end capitalism.

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