Monday, August 1, 2016

The Racist Trump. Worse than you can ever imagine.

Martin Luther King with the photos of the three murdered civil rights workers.
Sean O'Torain.

In 1964 in the town of Philadelphia, the county seat of Neshoba, in Mississippi, three civil rights workers were brutally murdered by local cops and KKK members. Their bodies were mutilated and dumped. It was a racist crime that shocked the country and the world. In 1980 Reagan was nominated as the Presidential candidate for the Republican Party. Where did he decide to launch his campaign? He launched it in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the scene of these racist murders. He was making clear to the racists in the South and the country as a whole that he was with them. Murders of civil rights workers were okay with him. Give him their votes. What a piece of dirt that Reagan was. Then he went on to fire all the Air Traffic Control Workers and ban them from working in the industry. Racism and anti worker policies and anti union policies are part of the same package. Any worker who acts in a racist manner or who supports racism in any manner is acting against their own interests.

We have recently had another Presidential campaign touch down in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Just days after he was nominated by the Republican Party Trump sent his son to speak in this town, the scene of these vicious racist murders. This was no coincidence. Trump too is trying to mobilize white racist opinion behind his campaign. He refuses to repudiate the racist terrorists of the KKK. His own father was arrested in the 1920's while fighting as part of a KKK terrorist mob in New York against the NYC cops. Now he sends his son to Philadelphia, Mississippi, to once again say to any racist white workers that he is the candidate for them. And remember along with Reagan's racism came his union busting policies. The same would be true under a Trump Presidency.

This Blog does not support either of the capitalist candidates or Parties, the Republicans or the Democrats. Both Parties base themselves on the exploitation of the working class and the cutting of the living standards of the working class. To achieve this both parties will use the policies of divide and rule and racism. This Blog stands against racism and division of the working class whatever form it takes. We stand for working class unity, an end to capitalism and a democratic socialist society.

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