Thursday, August 4, 2016

One Million Views: A celebration and an Appeal

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I am sitting here in Houston and as I write, this blog has just broken the one million views mark, that's 1,000,000. For me in particular this is quite a moment as I couldn't have imagined hitting such a figure when it first started and we were excited at 100 views a week. The past 30 days we have 25, 819 views.

It has been an incredible amount of hard work getting this far. I hope that we will continue to grow, get some more people to write for it and also more stories about the lives of working people, politics and economics. We have people who send us material from abroad and we committed to  and internationalist perspective.

Facts For Working People is committed to a democratic socialist world and the view that only the international working class can transform society, that the emancipation of the working class as Marx put it, must be the act of the working class itself.

We used to use the phrase, Socialism or Barbarism, but times have changed and the truth is that the future is socialism or the end of life as we know it. We face socialism or annihilation if there is a not a international socialist revolution, one that transforms the present system of production from one that produces for profit in to one that produces for social need in harmony with nature.

This is a real scenario. I do not have time here to detail all the manifestations of a social system in decay, crisis, the endless wars, environmental destruction, poverty and disease. Millions of human beings live under conditions that we cannot imagine. Capitalism does not only destroy the natural world, poison our oceans and land, it destroys humanity, it stifles the natural human talent that rests within us and our children as people are forced to spend all their time trying to find basic needs like clean food or water. The life expectancy and infant mortality rates in some parts of the world are another example of the waste of human talent and potential.  There is nothing natural about this or so-called "natural" disasters. This is all market driven.

That said, I want to appeal for help. We have and will have more expenses which will be a positive aspect of growth.  Facts For Working People needs help financially. If you can contribute even a small amount it will be appreciated. If you can contribute an amount each month through the donate button on the right hand side of the main page we would appreciate it.

We have had expenses that include video equipment, fliers, visits to areas like Chicago and here in  Houston and if our goals are met and we begin to build a network of activists and like minded people expenses will also increase. We also have more than 1100 "likes" on our Facebook Page and we pay to boost various article in order to attract more readers and raise the profile of the blog.

Thanks for supporting Facts For Working People by reading it regularly.  We look forward in the period ahead to increasing our readership even further and hopefully having some sort of meeting here in the US to see how the tremendous success of our blog can be turned in to something more concrete. We strongly urge those who would be interested in helping us with this to contact us. The e mail address is to the right of this page or contact:

Richard Mellor at:
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