Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Class Species and Words. You have to have a laugh.

Sean O'Torain.

Distinguished Shorty.

Sean O'Torain.

Professional types are often referred to as "distinguished this or distinguished that. For a short period of time I worked as a plasterer. Then for a short period of time as an iron ore miner. Then for a short period of time as a smuggler and poacher. Then for a short period as an ordinary seaman. Then for a short period of time as a mover of furniture. Then for a longer  time as a professional revolutionary. Never, never, was I ever described as "distinguished." It is not right. I have as much right to be described as a distinguished plasterer, miner, smuggler, poacher, seaman, professional revolutionary, as these white collar professional types. And then there is the specieism. From now on I am going to address my chihuahua as distinguished. His name is The Short. From now on it will be The Distinguished Short. It is only right. Do not worry my friends it is just that I I am suffering from post Green Party convention euphoria. The convention was a great success. I applaud the Green Party of which I am a member for having the heroic Julian Assange speak to us via satellite and for giving him the long ovations and chanting Wikileaks, Wikileaks.  See Distinguished Shorty above. If you get pleasure from this post send us a donation by hitting the Donate button.  

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