Monday, July 25, 2016

We're free because our media is free from government control.

If there is one thing to be thankful about it is that we have a free media in the US.  I was just thinking about how important that is and wanted to share with readers a few truths that would never have come to light without a free mass media as those claiming responsibility for events are revealed to us.

Richard Mellor 

Event                                                          Those responsible

Killed Kennedy                                               ISIS

Marilyn Monroe                                             Saddam Hussein

John Denver                                                   Moamar Ghaddafi

Cancelled Seinfeld                                         PLO

Princess Diana                                               Osama bin Laden

2007 crash                                                     Keyser Soze'

Roseanne Barr’s anthem catastrophe           Bashar al Assad

Holocaust                                                      Yasser Arafat

Global Democracy                                       Henry Kissinger

Warriors 2016 NBA final defeat                  ISIS

Exaggerators Belmont defeat                      Muslims

Creator’s Belmont win                               Westboro Baptist Church

Photo of Liz Tyler breastfeeding                ISIL

Jebnnifer Anistons self doubt                     Vladimir Putin

Unhappiness                                                 Muslims

War                                                               Muslims

Flint water crisis                                          Muslims from Dearborne only

Katrina                                                         Hugo Chavez

Shot Malcolm X                                           Bob Hope

These are just a few of the important events in our time that we would never understand if our media wasn’t free.

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Sean said...

Brilliant Richard. Sean O'Torain.