Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Release Chelsea Manning immediately.

Sean O'Torain.

Unconfirmed reports are coming out that heroine Chelsea Manning has tried to commit suicide. Chelsea Manning has been serving 35 years in solitary confinement for showing the American people and the world the massacres and other war crimes that are being carried by the war criminals in the White House. Chelsea Manning is a heroine. She should never have been convicted. She must be immediately released. A movement must be built to this end.

Another thing. The more these war crimes from the White House go on the more people join jihadist groups and carry out suicide bombings and other atrocities in places like, Paris, Brussels, and so on. This means that Chelsea Manning's actions in exposing these crimes and thus making it easier to stop these crimes increases the safety of the people of America and internationally. Rather than causing damage to the security of the world Chelsea has been helping to make the world more secure.

Just yesterday the Democrat Clinton was cleared of any crime for her email cover ups. If anybody should be doing 35 years solitary it should be her. Not only for her email business but for her war crimes. Invading Iraq and the rest. Obama could pardon Chelsea. but will he? No Obama and the rest of his class want to keep Chelsea where she is, suffering torture in solitary confinement so as to try and discourage the multitude of Assanges and Snowdens who are out there waiting to release more and more papers and documents and expose the crimes of US and world capitalism.

Whether or not Chelsea has tried to commit suicide or not we must all rush to her defense and build a movement that will force the US state to let her go. We cannot stand by and let her be held in solitary confinement while the actual criminals sit in the White House, the Pentagon, the board rooms of the military industrial complex companies.

Release Chelsea Now.

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