Thursday, June 2, 2016

One thing Hillary has to deal with, sexism.

By Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

I just saw a headline, "Hillary Clinton has to go to jail." The source of this statement is Donald Trump. Now anyone that knows me or reads my posts on this blog is aware that I have no respect for Hillary Clinton. She is a war criminal and one of the most prominent representatives of the US capitalist class. But she is also a woman.

This racist parasite Donald Trump isn't calling for George Bush, or Newt Gingrich or Donald Rumsfeld to go to jail. He's not calling for the heads of the banks to go to jail. He directs his wrath at Hillary Clinton. Trump doesn't care that Clinton will savage workers and our living standards----so will he. He has ulterior motives.

So I oppose her and despise her and her class for their role in society. They are capitalists, the 1% the ruling class whatever we want to call them. But I stand with Hilary Clinton on this issue. Trump has no credibility with me.  He is a misogynist appealing to the women haters out there.

Clinton and Trump are in the same camp when it comes to working folk. They are class colleagues. But among this class there are also strata. As in society as a whole; men dominate, men have the power.  Even bourgeois women, the women of the rich and famous and the billionaires, even they suffer discrimination and a special oppression as women.

The cesspool of bourgeois politics, the politics of the 1%, is full of misogynists.  If Sanders was genuinely sincere he would see that Hillary Clinton is facing, what we call in left wing or class based politics, a “special oppression.” She is being attacked by many not so much because of her politics, but because of her gender.  There are some nasty bastards in that business.

To be honest, despite all the weaknesses that exists among blue collar workers and the working class in general; the average male worker has far more respect for women than the males that run society, that make the laws and control policy. We understand more than they do the concept of solidarity.

All of the so-called progressive political candidates should make an issue of the inevitability that many of the attacks on Clinton will be because she is female. Any male candidate should make an issue of this.

She’s one of theirs, she’s a ruthless bourgeois politician and a war criminal, and that is why workers should oppose her. That she is a woman has nothing to do with it.

We should be as loud in reminding people that Hillary Clinton faces this special assault, this added barrier she has to deal with in life. We must make it clear to the misogynists that we are not with them, that we do not support gender discrimination----even among the billionaires.

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