Monday, June 6, 2016

Jerusalem Day, the yearly humiliate Palestinians ritual

Zionist settlers march through the Muslim sector of Jerusalem on Saturday celebrating Jerusalem Day. This is done with the support of the state and Israeli military and is aimed at reminding the occupied Palestinian population who's boss.

There were clashes on Saturday between the settlers who are in reality fascists, and Jewish Israeli's who oppose them. This video below from last year shows in a little more detail how the march invades the Palestinian community. Israel's highest court refuses to even support requests to re-route the march. When we hear in the mass media how a Palestinian stabbed some Israeli soldier or civilian member of the occupation, perhaps a Russian or American immigrant there because they believe god gave them the land, we can surely sympathize with that person. Imagine if an occupying force drove your family off their land, demolished your home, built a new one and put immigrants from another country in it. The US state department calls it Ethnic Cleansing when any other group of people does it. When the Zionists do it it's self defense.

What would we do were Iran to occupy the US and thousands of Iranians marched through our communities celebrating the occupation and with state protection. Of course, Iran could never occupy the US and would not attempt to provoke a war with the US as the Zionists would like, but you get the point surely. 

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